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Welcome to sanaYama!

The words “sana y ama” mean translated “heal and love”. The more we heal, the more develops our capacity for unconditional love and devotion. I was allowed to experience this myself in my many trainings and healing processes and this is what I would like to transmit during the holistic treatments.

Body, mind and soul form a unity and when this unity is in harmony, we are healed.

Not only experiences in the present, but also from the past, our thoughts and emotions influence our health every day.

Healing can happen when we become aware of what has unbalanced us. And when the mind and soul are back in balance, our bodies can also regain their balance.

Everyone has to walk their own healing path and consciously take responsibility for themselves, but often we need help along the way.

I would like to help you to get on the track of blocking beliefs and behavioural patterns, to provide you with aids and yes, also to pamper and relax you, so that you treat yourself and others lovingly and everyday challenges can be mastered easier.

What can I offer you in my welcoming place close to Palma de Mallorca?

Ho’oponopono is a healing method of the Kahunas in Hawaii. Its literal meaning is to put in order, rectify, amend, revise. This spiritual process is an ancient Hawaiian method of reconciliation and forgiveness, and states that as soon as one heals oneself, the healing energy is transmitted to the environment and the world:

“You heal, I heal, We heal!

My wish is to contribute to this healing energy.

“Consciousness is the first step to healing.”
(Dean Ornish)

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