Questions for Akashic Records Reading

In this article I would like to give you a guide to questions for your Akashic Records reading as there are often doubts as to what questions to ask, how many and what kind of questions to ask.

There are no perfect questions. Whatever you ask and however you ask it, you transmit your energy and your intention, even if it is unconscious on your part. The Akashic Records respond to your intention and energy. The most important thing is to find a way to transmit your most important anxieties through them. You can trust that your teachers, guides and loved ones will always give you the best response to achieve your goals for the highest good.

That said, ideally you should take the time to think them through and write them down so that you can get the most out of the experience. Your openness to receive will reflect the depth of the messages that will come to you.

Our Guides and Beings of Light help us to understand things by giving us their insights with love and understanding. It is constructive information that can help us to change the way we see things by giving us different possibilities. They show us our tools of evolution, guiding and facilitating us with peace and serenity for the path to our own inner self.

How many times can the Akashic Records be opened and how many questions can be asked?

It can be one or more sessions, but just by doing it once you begin to address those fears, concerns and traumas that you have been carrying consciously or unconsciously for years.

I recommend starting with about ten questions. This is a number of questions that usually fits into a one-hour session.  Although they sometimes go a little longer, I have found that this is a fairly accurate number.

What can’t I ask?

Feel free to ask about any aspect of your life. You can ask about your relationships, your projects, your work, your training or studies, etc.

The Records honour our free will. They will not tell us what choice to make or what path to take. For this reason you should not ask closed questions with a Yes or No answer or questions of extreme specificity such as “what job should I do”, “what city should I move to? The Akashic Records show us infinite possibilities and closed questions only limit us. Your guides, teachers and loved ones will offer you a very wide view of possibilities to allow you to choose what you need and feel is right for you.

We should also not ask questions that require access to another person’s Akashic Records. We can ask questions towards your family, partner, friends, etc. regarding the lessons you need to learn from them and how you can best support them.

Questions cannot be asked for medical diagnoses, but I can ask about any spiritual/energetic root cause.

You also cannot forecast dates for an event. For example instead of receiving a date to “When will I find the love of my life?” you will possibly receive advice on what you must heal or learn before you find it. Your Masters, Guides and loved ones are not limited by the parameters of space and time in this dimension. The Akashic Records are timeless, eternal so it is not advisable to ask questions aimed at knowing exact dates or times.

What can I ask?

  • Open-ended questions are ideal and are those that begin withHow?
  • Why?
  • What should I learn from this situation?
  • What should I learn from this situation?
  • Which ones?
  • What?

Here are some examples of general questions:

  • What do I need to know or learn right now?
  • How and in what ways can I personally evolve?
  • What is one of my greatest Lessons to learn in this life?
  • In this chapter of my life, how can I express/develop my gifts?
  • Am I afraid/sad/angry/angry …. What is the source?
  • How can I best support my healing at this time?
  • How can I heal this wound?
  • What is preventing me from manifesting greater abundance?
  • How can I set stronger boundaries in my life?
  • Why have I had such a hard time standing up for myself in this life?
  • If I am thinking of making some kind of move, is it good for me to change place, home, job, idea, etc.?
  • Why do I feel like moving?
  • I feel blocked What is holding me back where I am?
  • What programme do I need to release to move to a new place?
  • I want to feel more confident: What can I do to trust myself? I have a fear of death: What generates it? How can I change that?
  • What am I learning about myself through the conflict I am experiencing today?
  • Why do I feel empty?
  • How do I deal with anxiety and stress and what can I do to change it?
  • I am not happy with my physical body, what is the cause of this?
  • What can I do to strengthen my self-esteem?
  • What limiting beliefs are blocking me?

Questions about relationships:

  • What is my current relationship teaching me?
  • What do I offer and receive within this relationship and what can I understand, change or release to improve this relationship?
  • How can I free myself from this pattern of “toxic” relationships?
  • Did I know _____ in a past life? What was our connection then?
  • How can I have better relationships with others?
  • What can I change to find a deeper understanding of personal relationships?
  • How can I deal with the things that bother me in the relationship?
  • What do I need to learn in my relationship?
  • My partner does not want to spend time with me, what is the cause?
  • How can I see the learning that my relationship brings me?
  • Why can’t I let go of my partner who no longer loves me?
  • How can I work on detachment as a partner so that I don’t suffer?
  • Why do I feel that my partner is a stranger to me? How can I solve this?
  • What is the limit I should set for my partner?
  • Why can’t I communicate with my partner and I can’t communicate with him/her as I used to? How can I change this?
  • My partner claims to love me but hurts me with the way he/she acts and behaves, what is the truth I should see in this situation?
  • I feel I have lost connection with my partner: What is the disconnection about? What can I reveal or understand about this situation?
  • My partner betrayed me: What is the truth of this issue for me? How do I navigate this pain?
  • My partner lies to me and keeps things from me: How do I deal with this pain?

Questions about work/business

  • Why don’t I experience joy in my work if I am choosing to dedicate myself to what I do?
  • Is this the place I want to be, to express myself the way I want to?
  • What am I ignoring in my work environment that would be useful to recognise?
  • I don’t like working with my colleagues, I resent the way they are… What do I need to understand about my relationship with them?
  • Why do I need approval from my boss? Who else do I need approval from?
  • What exactly is it that I don’t like about my job? How can I be okay in my work environment?
  • I can’t wait for the day to end: What do I need to leave? What do I think is at home that is not at work?
  • What keeps me from being in the present moment: Where do I need to focus?
  • I’m tired of this job: What else is not good enough in my life? What would a new job bring me?
  • I want a promotion: How would a promotion satisfy me?
  • Why do I feel things are slow: What can I change or release to get my work moving?
  • Why is my business losing money? As a business owner, how can I change my business and myself to move to profitability?
  • Why are my products not selling?
  • What can I do to improve sales?
  • Why don’t they take my opinion into account at work?
  • What are the dynamics of my team at work?
  • How can I relieve tension within my team?
  • Why do I demand perfection at work?
  • How can I relax myself and others?
  • What prevents me from feeling that I am an effective leader?
  • What should I strengthen in my personality to be better at my job?

Questions about my healing needs

  • What trauma, pain, fear or anger is keeping me from the awareness of wholeness, balance and full connection?
  • What situation from my childhood is causing me pain and I need to heal?
  • I feel like I have no joy and motivation in my life, why is this and how can I overcome it?
  • Do I need to heal something in my maternal / paternal lineage?
  • This negative childhood event still weighs heavily on me, what can I understand about it to overcome it?
  • I have periods of my life that I don’t remember: What happened that I don’t remember certain parts of my life?
  • I feel stuck, as if something is holding me back: What is holding me back and how can I free myself?
  • I am afraid, (any fear): Why do I have this fear: What can I do to free myself?
  • My heart feels trapped or contracted: What can I do to free it?
  • I have no feelings or I find it difficult to identify them: What stands between me and my feelings: What can I do to release them?
  • I constantly criticise myself and say negative things about myself: What is the cause and how can I change this attitude?
  • I can’t express what I feel without crying: What is the cause and how can I change it?
  • Other people’s opinion weighs heavily on me and hurts me: What is the cause and how can I overcome it?

I hope this list of questions inspires you. Keep in mind that each Akashic Records reading is unique and particular. This is an essential tool for our personal evolution. It will help us to connect with our soul information to raise our consciousness and facilitate our understanding of the moments of our life and their reason for being.

I invite you to get to know this wonderful tool by doing a reading of your Akashic Records. I will be happy to help you.