Akashic Records Reading

The word Akasha comes from Sanskrit and means “ether, sky or universe”. The Akashic Records are referred to as the “Book of Life” and is the universal spiritual world memory, comparable to a vast subtle library in which all that is, what was and what will ever be is recorded.

You can think of this “world memory” as a huge database, similar to the World Wide Web. Just as you can communicate with this “net”, so can you with the invisible universal information field.

Reading the Akashic Records is nothing but an energetic dialogue between you and this field.

The information that you receive in an Akashic Records Reading is primarily used to assist you in your personal and spiritual development. Every answer comes from the field of judgment-free love and is characterised by perfect acceptance and appreciation.

A Reading of the Akashic Records can be very helpful and supportive:

  • to clarify current life situations and relationships
  • in times of reorientation
  • as decision-making aid (without taking the decision for you)
  • accompanying spiritual and personal development and growth processes
  • in case of illnesses and physical ailments
  • understanding recurring dreams and patterns
  • as a means of developing consciousness

I like combining Access Bars with the Reading of the Akashic Records. The price is 40€ per session.


“Those who recognise that the consciousness in them is the same,
that is in all beings, attain peace.”
(Katha Upanischad)

Akashic Records