animal communication

The animals of the world need our help.
“We are not only responsible for what we are doing,
but also for what we are not doing.”

Animal communication – also called telepathic communication between species or intuitive communication – is the process of communicating telepathically with animals. Telepathy is the ability to send and receive messages about thoughts, feelings, images, emotions, tastes and sounds. This telepathic communication is something quite natural. We all have the intuitive capacity and can transfer thoughts.

An example of telepathic communication is when we think of a friend and at this moment he calls us. What has happened is a connection on the energetic, telepathic level. The same occurs when we know how someone feels physically or emotionally without this person being present or when we say, “I have the feeling, …” we actually say that we have an intuitive impression of something.

In modern times, we are often no longer aware of our intuition and our telepathic abilities. That is why we have to learn it again, as if it would be a foreign language.

Telepathic communication is very common to the indigenous peoples, like the Australian Aborigines, because every thought and every emotion is a vibration in the reality network in which we are all connected.

The so-called Bodyscan forms part of it. With the permission of your animal, I merge energetically and feel if it has any physical blockages or pain.

Animal communication is helpful:

  • when you would like to know if your pet is it happy with its living conditions like food, tasks, exercise, well-being, relationship with other animals/humans.
  • to create a new, deeper connection.
  • to become a harmonious team.
  • if you think your pet has an important message for you.
  • if you would like to know how to help/serve your (sick) animal (in addition to visiting the veterinarian).
  • if you cannot interpret a certain behaviour.
  • if you would like to know whether your animal needs euthanasia or would like to die without help.
  • if you want to know how a deceased pet is doing.
  • if you want to help your animal to feel like an equal living being.

Have you ever wanted to know what your pet thinks or what it wants to tell you? Even if you mean to understand your animal well, sometimes there can be misunderstandings. Animals also like to talk and want to be heard. With great joy and respect I act as your translator.

The process of animal communication by telephone (50€)

For a telepathic conversation with your animal, it is not necessary for it to be present in person. Contact can be established via a photo. This photo should only show your animal.

Furthermore I need

  • the name of your animal
  • its age
  • how long it has been living with you
  • which other two- and four-legged family members live in the household with it
  • the questions you have about your pet

You can send me the photo and the required information by email, WhatsApp or post.

After I have made contact with your pet, we will arrange an appointment for a telephone conversation during which I will inform you in detail about all the things your pet has entrusted me with. You can ask me questions during this time and your pet may even join in and provide further information.

The process of animal communication with systemic constellations at my home (70€)

I like to work with systemic constellations to visualise the relationship with your animal, understand its perspective even better and work with you to resolve deeper issues such as traumas and fears step by step.

As family members, animals are part of our system and experience everything and, like us, have their own destinies such as premature weaning, illness, loss of a person or animal. Perhaps your current situation is not a problem, but your animal just wants to draw your attention to something so that we can find a way to change it together?

In a constellation, we look at the entire system, e.g. you, your animal and other animals, people and issues involved that have an influence on your animal in your current situation.

Using representatives (people, pieces of paper, objects), we visualise together how the individual aspects, the dynamics of the system and the hidden entanglements influence each other and find out where your animal needs support. This gives us an overview of the situation as well as your pet’s subjective perspective.

If something is out of balance, we can find out what the whole system needs now in order to relax and make your pet feel good again. This can lead to further steps that you can take with your pet after the constellation. Often the inner experience is enough to solve the problem. As everyone in a family is connected by invisible threads, it is not uncommon for a constellation to have an effect on the whole system and make lasting positive changes possible.

Constellations are suitable for a wide range of topics, including disputes, health issues, trauma and behavioural problems.