Questions for Akashic Records Reading

In this article I would like to give you a guide to questions for your Akashic Records reading as there are often doubts as to what questions to ask, how many and what kind of questions to ask.… -->

Yoni Eggs and Wands


The word yoni is from Sanskrit, and refers to the female sexual organs including the vagina, vulva and uterus.… -->

Light Language

Have you heard of light language?

When I tell people that I do speak light language in my healing sess

ions, most of them don’t know what it is.… -->


“Mantras are not a small thing, mantras have power. They are the vibration of the mind in relation to the cosmos.… -->

Tantra Massage Music

?  “Music is the language of passion.” ?  Richard Wagner

For a tantric massage we create a warm and sensual atmosphere so that you can enjoy your massage to the fullest and relax a lot.… -->


Tantra massage for couples

A sensual experience that gets under your skin

The introduction to a tantric massage offers a pleasurable time of touch and encounter for couples beyond the daily routine, to enhance the sensual experience and to find each other anew.… -->

Frequently Asked Questions – Tantric Massage

Hopefully you find  the answers to these frequently asked questions about the tantric massage helpful. If you have any further questions, we can of course clarify them in a preliminary telephone conversation.… -->

Couple Pareja Paar Tantra

What is Tantra really?

Even though Tantra has gained extreme popularity, most do not have an understanding of what it is about.… -->