“Mantras are not a small thing, mantras have power. They are the vibration of the mind in relation to the cosmos.… -->

Tantra Massage Music

?  “Music is the language of passion.” ?  Richard Wagner

For a tantric massage we create a warm and sensual atmosphere so that you can enjoy your massage to the fullest and relax a lot.… -->


Tantra massage for couples

A sensual experience that gets under your skin

The introduction to a tantric massage offers a pleasurable time of touch and encounter for couples beyond the daily routine, to enhance the sensual experience and to find each other anew.… -->

Frequently Asked Questions – Tantric Massage

Hopefully you find  the answers to these frequently asked questions about the tantric massage helpful. If you have any further questions, we can of course clarify them in a preliminary telephone conversation.… -->

Couple Pareja Paar Tantra

What is Tantra really?

Even though Tantra has gained extreme popularity, most do not have an understanding of what it is about.… -->

Systemic Constellation

A systemic constellation is very helpful when it comes to relationships between humans and animals or several animals, since they give an insight into the energy field of the family and thus provide detailed explanations on illnesses, behavioral problems or relationship problems.… -->