Chakra Dance & Breathwork

The Chakra Dance and Breathwork is a fun and liberating guided dynamic, inspired by tantric movements and therapeutic Rebirthing breathwork.

In tantra we talk about three main keys or ingredients:

  • breath
  • movement
  • and vocal expression

I have created five sessions of “Chakra Dance and Breathwork” in which we will use just these ingredients for a powerful cocktail.

The powerful music is specifically chosen to activate each chakra. By clearing the energy stagnation of the chakra through dance and breath, we begin to open the chakra to its refined potential, bringing light and flow into it and expanding the essential gift and energy of the life force.

You can dance the element associated to each chakra and align with it through your expression and movement. No dance experience is necessary, just let your whole body express itself.

After an intense exercise, you will enjoy a few minutes of deep relaxation that will bring you into a meditative state. Join me to release tension, have fun, connect with your body and relax.

The Muladhara chakra is our foundation and is related to the survival instinct, stability, connection to the earth, feeling welcome in the world, connection to strength, physical health and confidence.

It’s element is the earth. The earth is density, grounding and stability. Feel mother earth under your feet and connect with her.  Let the earth element inhabit you, let it speak through your dance.



The Svadhisthana, sacral, chakra is also called the sexual chakra and is often related only to sexuality. It is true that it has a high sexual content, but it is also the chakra of creativity, of pleasure in general, of emotions, of relationships, of the ability to flow, to surrender to the beauty of life and to accept change.

It’s elemente is water. Water is sweetness, it is sensuality, it is tenderness and fluidity. Let yourself go, let yourself flow.



The Manipura chakra represents the will to initiate, action and balance with the strength of the spiritual warrior. As the seat of digestive fire, this chakra regulates the function of the Pancreas and digestive organs. When the energy of this Chakra flows freely, the effect is like that of a power station, constantly supplying vitality – bestowing balance and strength.

It’s element is the fire. Fire is force, it is directionality, it is speed, it is impact, it is action. Let’s burn everything you don’t need anymore in this chakra and dance the heat of the fire.



The Anahata, heart chakra is the gateway to emotional health, forgiveness and is related to our capacity to love and receive love, to be compassionate, to live in joy and to accept ourselves.

The heart chakra is ruled by the air element. Unlike the other elements, you don’t see air, its influence is subtle. So sublte that we might forget it’s existence, but it sustains our life, just as love does. Display your emotions, spread your wings in light and airy movements.



The Vishuddha, throat chakra acts as a link between the heart and the head. Vishuddha governs our communication and expression. From there we can show who we are. If we have this energy centre open and aligned we can speak, listen and express ourselves through a higher form of communication becoming channels of truth and consciousness.

It’s element is the ether. It is what we do not see but which we also are, ether is your maximum expression. Show yourself, bringing out all that you are, all your world, all your love, dance it embracing all the space you can because you are ALL.



A dance that leads us through the vibrational worlds of the seven chakras with intuitive movements. The journey begins in the root chakra and ends in the crown chakra. We experiment the qualities of the different chakras: earthy-powerful, enjoyable-flowing, fiery-wild, hearty-touching, voice-liberating, clear-visionary and heavenly-connected!



When & where: every Tuesday, 19:30 – 20:30 in Portals de Yoga, Portals Nous

Contribution: 15€ per session