“We need touch, but above all, we need a conscious touch,
a moment when someone connects skin to skin with us
and is aware that this is happening.”
(Mary O’Malley)


A chiromassage is a therapeutic technique based on direct, mechanical manipulation of tissues via frictions and pressure. It has a sedative and relaxing effect, which helps to:

  • restore flexibility,
  • elasticity and functioning of the muscular system,
relieve muscular contractions and pain in general,
  • increase the general sensation of vitality,
eliminate fatigue, stiffness and tension,
  • bring physical and emotional well-being

Are you in pain? Or are you looking for a restorative massage? Or would you love to do something for your well-being? My husband, Pedro, can provide you with a massage in our home or in your own home, comfortably and without having to travel.

Pedro also offers tantra massages.


“Masseurs are like musicians who have studied the same notes, but create completely different music.
One will write jazz, the second classic, and the third will create something completely new.”
(Gabriel Ascul)