Client Voices

Dear Kerstin,

I would like to thank you again for your great support. The communication you had relatively spontaneously with my pony Jackson helped me a lot to judge his current situation.

It was fascinating how you could via the body scan with Jackson, exactly point out his discomforts and tensions. I would not have suspected the tensions in those areas. I asked the physiotherapist to come as Jackson had wished so. What can I say, she completely confirmed your statements and has been treating him accordingly. Afterwards he was a very different pony.

Also, the feedback that Jackson gave me through you, has given me a personal orientation, confirmed me in my way and is a new foundation for our relationship to deepen even further.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Claudia and Jackson (original text in german)


Dear Kerstin,

I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for your competent and loving support. You have accompanied me in the past weeks and months in very different ways, be it with quantum healings, systemic constellations and last, but not least with the shamanistic soul retrieval. Every time something changes to the better in my life, I can experience noticeable improvement; it triggers something in me and it can heal. You have wonderful skills and use them with your open and heartfelt nature – it is a real gift to know you and to experience it myself! I was also able to experience several times your knowledge and perceptions in animal communication and I am deeply impressed! Thank you for doing so much good – may many more people and animals be able to experience it!

Warm wishes, Gabi (original text in german)



I could not really imagine what animal communication is all about. I am grateful to a friend who had told me about your treatment of her dog who had changed so dramatically in a positive way since then. That made me curious.

Since you couldn’t tell me which day exactly you would contact Max, I was very curious. When the following week my unquiet Max behaved so differently being quietely and relaxed at my side and searching more then ever my proximity, I thought you must have communicated with him and you called me that afternoon to tell me excactly that. Incredible!

Max is much calmer now and your advice how to communicate better with him was also very helpful.

I am especially glad about the cuantum healing for Mietz. The visits every 2 to 4 weeks to the vet for cortison and anitbiotica treatment are no longer necessary.

It was also nice to see in the systemic constellation that adopting our latest fosterling Terry is not a major problem. Eventhough he gets sometimes on Mietz‘ nerves.
I am still very impressed, what is possible withoug medicine, just through energy.

You are a very competent, warm hearted and emphatic person with very special skills. I can only recommend everyone to try it our and trust that healing is although possible in many ways.

Thank you, dear Kerstin, for your commitment and help!

Suzanne, Max, Pippa, Metz und Terry (original text in german)


Hi, my name is Moix and I’m still alive … and I’m still here!

I am so happy to still be here, although a short while ago, I have been very close to abandoning this life.

I met Kerstin trough my “mom” Tali. They introduced us one day at a distance and I got treated by her. I remember we had a nice conversation.

At that time I was already suffering from a chronic and therefore degenerative disease, assuming a radical change in me, in my behaviour, in the coexistence with Minion (my stepbrother), affected my diet and began the daily supply of medication: dose of Cortisone, stomach protector, antibiotic, prebiotic, etc. …

Kerstin and I continue to communicate personally, she came to visit us frequently at home and the miracle began immediately: my mother Tali, her partner Emilio and I, we began to know each other better.

I answered Kerstin’s questions from Tali and Emilio, got answers to my questions, and things began to flow. They were very revealing talks for everyone and also fun.
We started to really know each other!

Although my illness gave us no respite.

Sadly, after a few weeks, I suffered severe pancreatitis and my humans had to enter my veterinary clinic. The diagnosis was devastating and the hopes were minimal.

I suffered a lot, I was so exhausted that I sometimes wanted to leave. I wanted to rest, I wanted to let myself go. And that I got to communicate even to Kerstin.

My humans Tali and Emilio were deeply distressed, Minion, my grandmother Marisol, and I know my friend Kerstin, too.

Tali and Emilio visited me 3 times a day, and because they were not allowed to come more often. In case I would have left this world before the next visit, they said goodbye to me … but here I am, I’m still here !!!

Without throwing the towel, without fainting, with an incredible desire to live that I have and to share more time with my beloved ones; With the love of Tali, Emilio and Minion, the care of my veterinarians, the good thoughts of friends and family, the talks with my “friend-translator” Kerstin, we made it. We succeeded and here I am!

From all my family THANKS Kerstin.
Thank you for your help, for your sweetness when you speak and treat me, for your wise advice to my humans, for tirelessly fighting with us, for translating, for taking care of us all!

There is no doubt that Tali will be the spokesman for this intense story … here and there and will recommend you very dearly.

A hug, Moix, Tali, Emilio and Minion (original text in spanish)


Hello Kerstin,

Thanks to your communication we treat the horses very differently now.
I am very touched that it is possible, to get to know the most personal information from both, Cica and Taronne.
Also what I heard about Cesa and Leo has impressed me deeply.

Many more experiences and kind regards,

Uta, Cica, Taronne (original text in german)


Dearest Kerstin,

I cannot thank you enough for the cuantum healing you have done for Shorty and for me. In this I include the soul retrieval. I have already recommended you several times, as I am convinced that you are a very good animal communicator and healer.

Once again many thanks for your help,
Claudia & Shorty (original text in german)


Hi Kerstin,

Thank you so much for your extensive answer. My colleague was really enthusiastic and fascinated from so many correct statements. She thanks you heartfully, as many of her assumptions were confirmed.

Once again, many thanks, Sabine (original text in german)


Dear Kerstin,

I have to tell you about Blanca now. It’s just amazing! Since you communicated with her, she finally leaves Mucki in peace and we do not seem to have to give her away. What a relief!

Thanks a lot, Ingrid (original text in german)


Dear Kerstin,

I would like to thank you once again for the communications with Freddy and July. Animal communication is simply fascinating.

You have told me things you could not know and described both dogs very accurately, also regarding their rank.

What amused me most, is that July complained about the noise the frogs are making … 🙂 I wish you all the very best and lots of success!

Yours, Svenja (original text in german)


Dear Kerstin,

I thank you once again for the communication with Coco. So much information was helpful. For example the tearing eyes. Although it is difficult cleaning them, I will try in the future and we will go on the street with him. That will be a new experience for us.

Mariola, Jaime und Coco (original text in spanish)


Dear Kerstin,

I have been thinking for a while about letting someone do a animal communication, but I could never quite make up my mind. You never know what is going to be said and it is as well hard to imagine.

A lucky coincidence brought me to you and it was amazing!
You have found out so much I can only confirm. Unbelievable. The information (areas of pain, food, preferences) corresponded 95%.

The divine straigthenings also helped a lot. Already after the first treatment in our small riding arena, Caesa could gallop one round relaxed and uniform. In general I have the feeling that he is since then more relaxed.

Your emails are so full of love and respect, it is a pleasure to read them.

Dear Kerstin, many thanks for this, I have already and will keep recommending you warmly to anyone interessted.

Warmest greetings,

Caesa, Leo and Jutta (original text in german)


Hello Kerstin,

I wanted to give you news and thank you your care. Rita is getting every day better, more tranquil and recovered. She has gained weight and recovered her appetite and her habits. And there was another important discovery: the sardines, the anchovies and the bonito. How many new flavours and forms of eating.

We are both better and we have another way of understanding each other since your intervention.

In the hope that we will not have to require your help again in another occasion, I trust, that if it would be necessary, we would both be in good hands.

Once more many thanks, Teresa(original text in spanish)


Dear Kerstin,

It’s been an interesting and fascinating experience to meet you. A whole new world opened up for me. I must admit that both my cats have responded positively after your “talks”.

It is clear to me now what caused the biting of the fur and it seems like he’s getting better every day – as well as the cats are getting along much better.

I’m grateful of the development and curios about the future.

Many thanks, Malene


Kerstin, your work with my horses has been a fantastic experience. Incredible and unforgettable, but most important it has been to receive an information which is worth gold.

Thank you so much, Miguel (original text in spanish)