Contemplation of the soul

Contemplation of the soul for more intimacy and connection – Ritual for couples

Would you like to expand your connection, bonding and intimacy with your partner? The practice of “Tantra Yoga Soul Gazing” can help you.

And this is how soul gazing is done at YabYum:

  • Prepare a sacred space.
  • Sit in a cross-legged posture in front of your partner.
  • Place your hands in prayer position in the centre of your chest and greet each other with a tantric kiss by joining your foreheads.
  • Share your intentions and wishes for this practice.
  • Now you can enter the YabYum posture if you wish. One of you sits in Sukhasana (usually the man) and the other one sits on top with his/her legs and hands (height of the heart chakra) crossed behind the partner’s back.
  • With your eyes closed observe your thoughts and any physical or mental tension that may be present.
  • Concentrate on your breath, let it flow steadily, consciously and slowly. Try to synchronise your breathing.
  • When you feel relaxed, start looking at your partner’s left eye. Only one eye is chosen for a more focused gaze. The left eye represents the receptive, feminine.
  • It may be uncomfortable at first. Persist and gaze lovingly at your partner, show yourself and connect with their inner self. Surrender to this intimate experience for about 10 minutes.