De-armouring Therapy

What is de-aromouring and where does armour come from?

De-armouring is a bodywork (not a massage) that uses different methods and techniques to release blockages experienced in the body. The philosophy of ‘armour’, as explained by Wilhelm Reich is that bodies develop armouring due to the pains of life – repetitive stress, childhood experiences, trapped emotions, traumatic experiences, and systemic realities.

You could also call it body tension which is created every time we receive a “shock”. The energy gets absorbed into the tissues, cells and fascia and remains there unless we actively discharge it.

When we speak about trauma most people connect this just to intense events, but the body experiences trauma when it is in a mode of: stress, fear, tension or pain and goes into a state of contraction. Trauma is simply nothing else than having to deal with too much on your own. The fast pace of modern life can bring us a lot of stress which depletes our system and withholds us from feeling fully alive until we release the stuck energy.

For many people Body De-armouring is something new, although it is an ancient practice that finds its roots deep into the teachings of the Tao. The sacred practice of de-armouring can be found in many different forms and traditions.

How does a de-armouring session look like?

At the beginning of the session I will do a body scan to see where I can detect stuck energy in your body. I like to do this before getting any information from you. Then we talk about your story, your ailments and your intention,

Working from an individual, holistic approach I then combine differente techniques from trauma release excercises, access bars, breath work, fascia therapy, trigger points activation, energy and shamanic work.

Body de-armouring can be done on a particular area or the whole the whole body. It can be done externally and internally. External works on the outside of the body and internal works on the parts of the body that can be entered: the vagina, the anus and the throat, which are often areas of stored physical and emotional blocks, numbness and pain.

I would recommend to move onto an internal and sexual dearmouring after an external session. Usually the deepest traumas, shame and guilt sits in the root of the body – in the sexual areas, pelvic floor, hips and buttocks. It’s a really powerful and life changing process to go through and so precious to experience.

The session finishes with a relaxation followed by a closing talk to integrate the experience and the energies which have been moved.

Every session is unique. I tailor each session to the individual needs of every client and I’m open to whatever that wants to unfold in the session – within the boundaries and limits of both my client and myself, of course. My focus is to trust the process with a humbled, accepting and loving heart.

What are the benefits of a de-armouring session?

  • Helping to release stored tension
  • Releases numbness, sensitivity and pain to a given area
  • Enhances a sense of embodiment and aliveness
  • Increases pleasure zones in the genitals and heightened enjoyment during lovemaking
  • Sexual healing and increase the body’s capacity for pleasure
  • A greater connectivity between heart, body and ming
  • A client can leave as session feeling blissful
  • It can help to transcend and relate Andy stored trauma or pain memory
  • Releasing stuck emotions and energetic blocks in the body
  • Feeling more empowered and freer

Investment in yourself

A session takes 2 hours and your investment is €120,- per session including 21% tax.

I can offer you a 20% discount if you book 3 sessions.

If this amount is too high for your income but you feel a strong call for this deep healing work, please don’t hesitate to contact me as we love to make the impossible possible!