Energetic Straightening

The Energetic Straightening passes the impulse for powerful regeneration and self-healing processes.

The spine is of central importance to the body. As the location of our central nervous system, everything that happens to us is stored in the spinal cord of the spinal column, reflecting our physical and psychological well-being.

Blockades of the spine can produce discomfort in internal organs, blockades of the chakras, and even physical shifts (back and joint problems). Animals suffer from this just as we humans do.

During energetic straightening, there is no mechanical action on the skeleton itself, but rather on the body’s energy field. A spiritual impulse flows through the spine like a beam of light, removing blockades in a gentle way, meaning free energy flow is possible. The healing powers are mobilised, the spine can be erected, the muscles can relax, pelvic and shoulder misalignment as well as differences in leg length can be remedied.

The effects on a physical, mental and psychological level are, in part, immediately perceptible. In cases of deep blockades, several sessions can prove useful, at intervals of 1-2 weeks. Healing can only change what the subconsciousness allows at a given time.

I like to combine the energetic straightening with other holistic methods like Access Bars, Healing Hands and shamanic techniques.

“Divine Straightening creates balance and spiritual order on physical, mental and emotional issues, transmitting the impulse for powerful regeneration and self-healing processes.”
(Alexander Toskar)

Energetic / Divine Straightening