Frequently Asked Questions – Tantric Massage

Hopefully you find  the answers to these frequently asked questions about the tantric massage helpful. If you have any further questions, we can of course clarify them in a preliminary telephone conversation.

Who are tantric massages for?

Tantra massages are suitable for all adults who want to experience a powerful connection to their own body, their sensuality and sexuality. For curious beginners as well as for experienced ones. Neither age nor gender play a role. Tantric massages offer everyone an intense, consciousness-expanding self-experience.
Tantric massages are not just for individuals. Couples can get ideas, find inspirations and intense closeness through tantric massages.

Why is there a preliminary telephone conversation?

A preliminary talk should give you the opportunity to clear up any questions or ambiguities. In addition, I can get to know you a little and find out how you feel, whether you have physical impairments, what you hope for from the massage, what may worry you and what is undesirable. The conversation therefore serves both of us to create security, understanding, trust and clarity.

How does a tantric massage work?

A tantric massage takes significantly longer than a conventional massage to bring you into a state of mental and physical calm. In this process, the parasympathetic nervous system can be activated and trigger healing effects. In addition, this way you can open up, let yourself go, and a trust is built that allows you to let go of repressed emotions.

An essential part of the tantric massage is conscious breathing. Breathing connects us with our body, helps us to expand the activated energy and rocks us like the waves of the sea, creating deep states of relaxation. It supports us in being fully present and conscious.

The tantric massage begins with a ritual that promotes connection and reverence. This can include breathing exercises, mantras, mudras, or conscious caresses. Both are dressed in a sarong.

Then you can enjoy tantric touch arts with warm oil. With certain massage techniques, pressure is first applied to important energy points in order to achieve a state of relaxation. The massage starts with the less intimate parts of the body and opens the energy channels.

Before I massage your genitals, I ask for your consent and you can listen inside to see if you feel ready for this intimate massage. The genitals of men and women are potent organs and reservoirs of energy. But these also contain stress, blockages, emotions and stagnant wounds. It is precisely for this reason that it is extremely important to include the genital organs in the massage.

If you as a man are ready to receive an anal or prostate massage, then I will gladly respond to your request and if this is still a taboo for you, we will skip this part. If you as a woman would like to experiment with an anal massage, I will of course be happy to cater to your needs.

The massage ends with a final relaxation in order to integrate the moving energy and the lived experiences. The experience is different for each person, but overall you feel energized, harmonized, and with an overall sense of deep wellbeing.

If you feel like it, we can talk about your experience after the massage. Sharing can be a good way to integrate what you lived.

How can I prepare for a tantric massage?

Tantra rituals are often used to manifest something. Perhaps before your tantra massage you may want to consider whether there is anything that you no longer want in your life and would like to let go of and what you are now inviting into your life. An example would be to dump unhealthy relationships and invite fruitful, conscious, harmonious relationships into your life.

It is best to drink plenty of water the day before and on the day of the massage. Basically, you shouldn’t eat anything for at least an hour before your massage so that your body is not burdened with digestion.
Take enough time for your well-deserved treat. Instead of rushed, you arrive in peace and if possible you take time after the massage to relax, to feel and to integrate what you have experienced.

For hygienic reasons and to feel comfortable in your skin, you come freshly showered.

Should I bring something?

Just openness, curiosity and a positive attitude. Come as you are – whether sad, nervous, hurt, angry, tired, happy, excited or whatever your mood is.

Everything else, towels, sarong, flip-flops and a warm shower are available to you.

Is there anything that a tantric massage doesn’t include?

I only attend serious tantric massages and these explicitly exclude sexual intercourse, oral intercourse or other sexual acts.

In the tantric massage there is a clear division of roles between the giver and the recipient. You are passive and I am active.

As a masseuse, I can only move freely and relaxed and adjust to your energy if I don’t have to worry about your hands landing on my breasts or in my genital area. I understand such wishes, only in this case you are in better hands with an erotic masseuse.

You are welcome to put your hands on my thighs or look for other skin contact and hugs.

Isn’t a tantric massage just a substitute for a visit to a brothel or an erotic massage?

No, definitely not. As you can see in the answer to the previous question, there are significant differences. The tantric massage is not just about instinct gratification. It is about experiencing oneself in its entirety as a person and therefore also as a sexual being.

Does a tantric massage lead to an orgasm?

An orgasm is not the goal of a tantric massage. We do not chase the orgasm and it is not paramount, as a tantric massage is aimless and unintentional.
This full body experience can be very fulfilling and satisfying even without an orgasm. The sexual energy can be distributed in the body and not only build up in the genitals. Nothing needs to be achieved.
It is important for men to know that during an authentic lingam massage, an ejaculatory orgasm is the opposite of the ancient tantric principles. Attempts are made to maintain, curb and expand the sexual energy throughout the body. It’s about getting a grip on life energy and not discharging it. This allows men to achieve energetic full body orgasms. Ejaculation robs a man of deep and lasting pleasure, multiple orgasms, and leads to a loss of energy (loss of ojhas = loss of vital fluids).

Can my partner watch the tantric massage?

If you have this wish, then I would recommend a “duo massage with partner”. Here you can both take part in the massage of your partner, learn how such a massage is carried out and you can both enjoy a massage.

Is a tantric massage a treatment method and what are its benefits?

Tantric massage is not a therapy, it does not promise a cure. However, I like to combine the tantric massage with the rebirthing breathing therapy. Both together are a potent combination. Often long-forgotten experiences come up, blockages are released and internal processes are set in motion. In addition, you experience your body and your sexuality in a very conscious way, possibly questioning old patterns and dealing with barriers and obstacles.
Emotions such as anger, sadness, frustration or pain, which may appear negative to you at first glance, have their place in the tantric massage. They are often signs of blockages, unresolved conflicts, shame or somatically stored memories that can be activated through the gentle intensity of the tantric massage.
All of this can be very liberating and healing. I accompany you in your processes with a lot of respect, empathy and love.

With the focus on awakening and activating powerful sexual energy through special touch, massage can bring significant results and effects:

  • Relaxation, vitality and rejuvenation of the entire body.
  • Release of tension and so-called tanks.
  • Relief of blockages and resolution of sexual difficulties.
  • Resolution of pain points.
  • Awareness of the genitals.
  • Expansion and control of sexual energy.
  • Increase in sexual awareness and (whole-body) orgasm potential.
  • Improved communication between mind and body.
  • Improved blood circulation and generation of positive energy.
  • Release of strongly stored and entrenched sexual energy.
  • Activation of all chakras.
  • Finding a balance between hypersensitivity and insensibility.
  • New experience of your own body, sexuality and femininity or masculinity.
  • For women: Amrita or female ejaculation.

What can you do for me when I have great inhibitions?

In the preliminary talk you can tell me about your relationship to your body, your gender and your sexuality. Maybe I can take some of your fears away from you right now. I will of course pay attention to your inhibitions and can completely adapt the tantric massage to your needs.

I’ve also had customers who first wanted to get to know me in another therapy in order to build trust. No matter what therapy it is, it is my job to create a framework in which you can let yourself go.

You may be unfamiliar with being naked, but I promise you will get used to it quickly and it will suddenly feel all natural. Our bodies, no matter what they look like, are temples to be worshiped. At first we both wear a sarong and then we continue at your pace. If you don’t want to be touched on intimate parts of the body, just let me know.

Before a genital massage, of course, I ask for your consent and you can listen carefully to your needs and tell me honestly whether you are ready. We can interrupt or stop the massage at any time.

I am happy to support you in shedding certain moral ideas or inhibitions so that you can find your way back to your sensuality and sexual naturalness.

Is it necessary to get an erection as a man?

Absolutely not! As mentioned before, the aim of the tantric massage is not to bring you to your climax – even if many people mistakenly think so. In this full-body massage you can have very valuable, deep experience without your lingam being in the least erect.

What if I don’t like a touch or feel uncomfortable?

A good communication between the two of us is essential and it’s important that you let me know at any time if something doesn’t feel right for you.

Under no circumstances should you endure anything. Some people find it difficult to communicate their discomfort, but especially in this context, you can wonderfully practice communicating your needs.
When massaging the genitals and / or the anus / prostate, I may encounter blockages that are noticeable in pain. With your consent, I will stay there mindfully to release stuck energies. These points are gradually explored and resolved with coordination so that your sexual energy can flow better again. Several tantric massages are often necessary for this.

Can I get a tantric massage even though I’m on my period?

Menstruation is not an obstacle during a tantric massage. Often, menstrual pain can even improve a little as a massage promotes blood circulation. You can simply use a sponge made of natural material that remains inside the yoni during the yoni massage.

Some women find a deep connection to themselves in this sensitive and open feminine phase and others feel a little overwhelmed. For me it is rather uncomfortable to receive such an intimate massage during this time. It is best to listen to your feelings.

What if I can’t keep my appointment?

I only give one tantric massage a day and plan four hours for it. That’s why I ask you to cancel as early as possible to give me a chance to reassign your appointment at short notice. I feel that this is only fair to myself and to potential guests.

Which oils and lubricants do you use?

For the tantra massages I use either high quality grape seed oil or coconut oil from Guinama, which I flavor with high quality essential oils from CV Primary Essence. And I use Cumlaude’s water-based lubricant. Please let me know in the preliminary talk whether you are allergic to an oil or lubricant.

Can I get a tantric massage despite being pregnant?

I only give tantric massage to pregnant women between the 3rd and 8th month. Please always ask your doctor beforehand and let me know that you are pregnant before the massage.

When should I not have a massage?

There are contraindications for inflammation (also of the skin and muscles), for vascular diseases, for tumor diseases and for a poor general condition (infectious diseases, heart failure, …) Please inform me about possible illnesses in the preliminary talk and talk to your doctor.

Do I have to make an appointment or can I come by unannounced?

Yes, I only offer tantric massages by appointment. Sometimes I have a free appointment spontaneously, so just write me a message or call me for a short-term appointment.

Can I take a shower after the massage?

A shower as well as towels, shower gel and shampoo are available before and / or after the massage, which you can use if necessary. Most of the guests come freshly showered, so we can devote more time to the massage.
After the massage, I recommend you take a shower. You can even use it as an energetic cleansing ritual by imagining how the water cleans your body and your aura.