Light Language

Have you heard of light language?

When I tell people that I do speak light language in my healing sess

ions, most of them don’t know what it is. However, anyone has the possibility of speaking and benefiting from it and that’s why I would like to explain you a bit more about it and share a meditation with you, which might spark in you the wish to speak it. Listening to light language meditations can help you activate this divine form of communication. I invite you to try it with the guided meditation you find at the end of this post.

The first time I spoke it was in an Ayahuasca session. I was sitting for what felt like an hour or more in a cross-legged yoga position in front of another participate and he talked in a certain light language and I talked in another and it was like we were having a really intense communication. Both of us didn’t unders

tand what we were saying but it felt so healing, so deep and there was a sense of belonging and familiarity.

Since my KAP training I speak it more and more. Actually every morning whilst meditating it flows through me and I feel how it cures me. Mostly it is accompanied with yawning which is a way of releasing blockages. It’s now accessible to me at any time I want.

But what is light language actually?

It is said that this multidimensional, high-frequency, vibrational language originates from

the subtle realms. It feels so ancient and so futuristic at the same time. There are different forms of spoken light language, but for me they all have one thing in common. They all transmit healing intentions and energies across time and space.

It is a form of channeling transmission where one is able to attune themselves to the galactic frequencies of the Universal Language of Light.

During this download and activation of light frequency I experience that I speak it in a harsh way in order to dissolve blockages in the clients physical, emotional or spiritual body. Other times it can be more soothing and at times it transforms into a song. It sends messages which go straight to the heart and the soul entering as quantum vibrations.

And there is not only the spoken light language, but also the signed (gestures, a writing in the air) and the written ones. It might sound like gibberish and look like unintentional waving of the hands, but there are actually intentions and meanings behind it. The sweeping, zig-zagging or circular motions and hand mudras (gestures) as well as the mimics and sounds all have certain effects.

Some channel mediums are able to actually translate it into our three dimensional language, I am not (not yet

🙂 And it is not important to understand the meaning of the sounds, movements or symbols during a transmission, our soul, our cells, our DNA receives this loving, ancient wisdom and it is a pure blessing.

What are the benefits of light language?

  • It shifts your energy to a higher frequency.
  • It can help you in healing physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • It supports your personal development and alignment with your higher self, your true essence.

Would you like to speak light language?

Everyone has the potential to speak light language. Would you like to explore it? Listening to light language meditations can help you in connecting and embracing it for yourself. It might start with syllables, a chant, a twitching and light movement in your hands

The more you do it and the more you allow it to flow switching of the logical mind for a while, the more it becomes accessible.