Metamorphic Technique

This profound method was developed by the English naturopath and reflexologist Robert St. John in the 60s. In his researches of the reflex points in the feet, he recognized a relationship between bodily ailments and reflex points in the feet as well as in the spine. Furthermore, he discovered that the experiences of the nine months between conception and birth also remain stored in the cell memory in the spine of the unborn child, as well as in the corresponding reflex zones. For this reason, he first called it prenatal therapy. Gaston Saint-Pierre, the first pupil to have studied with Robert St. John for many years, developed the metamorphic technique.

The thoughts, emotions and beliefs of prenatal time are stored as energy patterns in our cells and can lead to manifold blockages later in life. The metamorphic method attempts to harmonize these mental energy blockages on a mental-spiritual level through a gentle touch of the reflex spine points on the feet, hands and head, thus dissolving blockages of life energy from prenatal time.

Unlike foot reflexology, this is not about the organic level but about the emotional pattern.

What happens during and after a session?

In the metamorphic method, the practitioner acts only as a catalyst and helps the client to self-heal and transform from limiting beliefs and patterns to the realization of his great potential.

Every person reacts differently to the touches at each session. You can feel restless, energetic or completely relaxed. Maybe both will happen. Also, the effects and the well-being in the days after is unpredictable and varied. Sometimes it comes to a subtle transformation and occasionally it is very obvious and leads to significant changes in life.

This gentle method can be used alone or in addition to conventional medicine or holistic treatments. I like to combine it with the Access Bars treatment. It is completely safe and suitable for children and pregnant women.

The metamorphic method is useful:

  • if you are in difficult processes such as illness, bereavement, divorce, etc,
  • dealing with addictions and eating problems,
  • during pregnancy,
  • dealing with stress,
  • in case of mental or physical disability,
  • and for all who want a change in their lives.

How long does a session take many sessions and how often?

One session lasts 60 minutes. Only one session can often positively change your life. Many have a session once a week or when they feel they need one. It totally depends on the person who receives it.

“Metamorphosis is the movement of who I am,
towards what I can be and potentially already are.”
(Gaston Saint-Pierre)