“To be reborn is to illuminate the negative memories that were left in us.”
(Leonard Orr)

Rebirthing is a holistic healing method developed in the 70’s by the American Leonard Orr. This intensive breathing technique is a circular breathing rhythm in which you inhale and exhale without pause.

All our life experiences are stored in our body. From prenatal experiences, the birth itself to other incidents, which impact us. These can manifest as cellular blockages and are released through the breath, which is a bridge from the subconsciousness to consciousness.

If you breathe circularly over a longer period without pausing between inhalation and exhalation, more energy (prana, chi) is absorbed than usual. Due to the increased energy flow, what is suppressed can be released and various phenomena can occur:

  • Physical and emotional blockages are noticeable
  • Experiences which impacted us like for example birth or any traumatic event can arise in the consciousness
  • Unblocking the breathing mechanism
  • Encountering of spiritual or mind-expanding experiences
  • Liberating toxins, chemicals and heavy metals

The goal is to breathe through these formative episodes of life until the blockages are resolved, which results in a transformation of our limiting thoughts and emotions. This is how we can manifest our maximum potential.

The session:

A session begins with a preliminary talk and a theoretical introduction to the rebirthing technique. Then it comes to the respiratory phase, in which you usually inhale and exhale circularly up to an hour through the nose in a lying position. The session concludes with a final talk in which the experiences and insights are discussed and integrated so that they no longer hinder us in our full expression of life. Also, the affirmation technique is used to resolve negative thought patterns.

After a session you usually feel deeply relaxed and freed. You could say “reborn.” It is recommended to perform a minimum of ten individual sessions to be able to release the respiratory mechanism that is usually inhibited, and then practice alone at home.

Once the breath is released you can do sessions in hot or cold water baths. In these sessions the head is submerged (a diving tube is used for breathing). These sessions are usually more intense and can cause people to return to prenatal states of consciousness and have memories of their birth.


Rebirthing works on body, mind and soul and can have the following effect:

  • a deeper mental awareness and clarity
  • more positive and creative thinking
  • dissolution of fears
  • transformation of pessimistic to life-affirming thoughts
  • relaxation and physical well-being
  • self-knowledge and self-confidence
  • a deeper connection with all that exists and confidence in life

The price of a Rebirthing session is 70€ incluido VAT.

“Breathing has an automatic tendency to the transcendence of the mind.”
(Leonard Orr)

Rebirthing in water