Shamanic Healing Method: Power Animal Retrieval

““The two most common types of spirit who work in partnership with the shaman are power animals,
also called guardian spirits, as well as teachers in human form.”
(Sandra Ingermann)

Every living creature has a power animal. Unfortunately in the modern world, we are often unaware of it. A power animal is a helpful, energetic and spiritual force from the non-ordinary reality, in animal form, which can bestow on us valuable qualities, such as:

  • harmony
  • vitality
  • forgiveness
  • patience
  • peace
  • adaptability
  • spontaneity
  • ease
  • creativity
  • wisdom
  • vital force

These qualities can support and strengthen the soul and our vitality, as well as providing mental and physical balance. The power animal can be used in all possible situations, such as:

  • loneliness
  • fear
  • stress
  • great loss
  • the process of dying
  • serious diseases
  • other emotionally difficult times

The power animal is a very profound, reliable and strong companion in everyday life.

““There is hope if people begin to awaken that spiritual part of themselves …
that heartfelt knowledge that we are caretakers of this planet.”
(Brooke Medicine Eagle)