shamanic drum
“Shamans look at the spiritual aspect of illness. An illness might manifest on an emotional or physical level,
but the shaman is looking for spiritual imbalance or disharmony.”
(Sandra Ingermann)

Shamanism is mankind’s oldest traditional healing system. Cultures from different continents have been practicing shamanic healing for thousands of years. Shamanic healing arts deal with knowledge of the invisible and the healing powers of the universe. Even today, shamanism offers us ways to bring harmony into our lives, regardless of our faith or religion. We all carry the deepest knowledge within us, we just need to reactivate it.

The doctrine of shamanism assumes that everything is connected with everything, and that we are part of a great whole. Therefore, from a shamanic point of view, the feeling of being separated from oneself and one’s environment is seen as the main cause of illness, loss of power and crisis. Shamanic healers expand their consciousness through rhythmic trance and drum beats. Using techniques such as soul retrieval and power animal work, people or animals are given back their strength and harmony, as well as having their dormant powers of self-discovery and self-healing activated.

Here is a short explanation of some of the shamanic healing methods. But I also would like to emphasize that it is very important to me in every job to listen to the advice and instructions of the helpers of the non-ordinary reality and sometimes different healing techniques are combined:

Soul Retrival

In shamanism, one assumes that parts of the soul split off during any kind of traumatic experience, so that one can better cope with such emotional challenges.

Possible triggers are:

  • separation from/ death of a loved one or animal companion
  • intense stress
  • mistreatment
  • fights
  • loneliness
  • accidents

However, with this natural self-protection of the soul, a part of our precious life energy is also lost, and our vitality is thereby weakened. This can then lead to mental and physical diseases or abnormalities.

During a soul retrieval, the lost parts of the soul are retrieved so that the core of the soul is reconciled, and vital strength is once again restored. In this way, convalescence or healing can occur.

Power Animal Retrival

Every living creature has a power animal. Unfortunately in the modern world, we are often unaware of it. A power animal is a helpful, energetic and spiritual force from the non-ordinary reality, in animal form, which can bestow on us valuable qualities, such as:

  • harmony
  • vitality
  • forgiveness
  • patience
  • peace
  • adaptability
  • spontaneity
  • ease
  • creativity
  • wisdom
  • vital force

These qualities can support and strengthen the soul and our vitality, as well as providing mental and physical balance. The power animal can be used in all possible situations, such as:

  • loneliness
  • fear
  • stress
  • great loss
  • the process of dying
  • serious diseases
  • other emotionally difficult times

The power animal is a very profound, reliable and strong companion in everyday life.

Chakra cleaning and extractions

With this technique the parasitic, old or condensed energies are eliminated as well as energetic impurities that absorb the vital energy. Furthermore, curses or promises that affect us can be resolved through a shamanic journey. Discomfort and illness can be removed to further restore harmony.

Psycho-pompo work

One of the tasks of shamanic practitioners is to accompany deceased people and animals to the kingdom of the deceased. The deceased may be nearby, in our reality. They are often bound by strong emotions, the feeling of having left something pending or other special needs. In the event of a sudden and unexpected death it can also result in the deceased being unaware of his death and still considered alive. The practitioner of shamanism helps both the deceased himself and the person who wishes this treatment to liberate and accompany the soul of the deceased to their ancestors, to their proper place. A more peaceful place.

The price of a shamanic session is 50€.


“Shamanism means turning life into a ceremony,
nature to an altar and love to a religion.”