Tailor made transformative retreats for small groups in Mallorca or other locations

Are you looking for a bit of a different retreat customized towards your needs?

If you are a group of friends or family and you would like to experience a distinct retreat holiday, I can make you a personalised offer. You can experience a flexible approach to wellness and personal development with the freedom to organise your escapade to your liking without the structure of a set programme.

What can I offer you on such a retreat?

You can have a full day programme or a blend of health, wellness, fitness and personal development and consciousness expansion mixed with free leisure time for sightseeing or relaxing.

Over the years I trained in different fields and I have provided retreats including

I can mix those ingredients for you to a “tasty cocktail”, an unforgettable, transformative holiday. It is actually more than a holiday. It is a personalised wellness journey, designed around your preferences and guided by my expertise and with my heart and soul. This journey is also a journey into your inner self, which enables you to promote self-knowledge and positive changes in your life and thus live a more fulfilling life.

The location / accommodation

On Mallorca:

Possibly you already have your holiday home booked. In that case we would just need to make sure that there is enough space for activities like yoga, breathwork, energy work or dance sessions.

In case you need some help to find a holiday home, I could give you some options if you would let me know your preferences (location, services,  and your budget.

At other locations:

Being a keen traveller, I am open to other travel destinations. Let me know where you are planning your holiday retreat and we see what we can arrange.

Are you ready to embark on a different sort of holiday?

Then please get in touch with me so that we can create your unique vacation experience.