Tantra massage for couples


A sensual experience that gets under your skin

The introduction to a tantric massage offers a pleasurable time of touch and encounter for couples beyond the daily routine, to enhance the sensual experience and to find each other anew.

In authentic mindfulness and with sensual flair, you will have the opportunity to explore and refine your ability in the tantric art of touch in a protected space. Contact and communication are strengthened so that surrender becomes possible. Different qualities of touch, performed in a goal- and intentionless attitude, invite you to let go of expectations and ideas and simply enjoy the moment.

How does a couple massage work?

At the beginning, already dressed in sarong, we have a conversation to get to know each other a little better. At this point I also teach you a few basics of Tantra.

In the ritual that follows, the three of us connect before one of you receives a tantric massage from me and your partner. It is quite easy to copy my movements in this 4-hand massage. I always give a few instructions or explanations in a low tone. It is important to perform this massage as synchronously as possible, so that it feels as nice as possible for the receiver.

The giving partner has the opportunity to practise the tantric massage and experience it later.

You can find more details in the articles tantra massage for women and tantra massage for men. If one or both of you do not want to be touched by me in the intimate area, I can opt for giving simply the instructions.

After a short break, we start again with a slightly different ritual and the roles are reversed. The giver becomes the receiver and vice versa. This gives you the opportunity to learn when giving and to enjoy whilst receiving.

Who is this massage suitable for?

For couples,

  • who simply want to enjoy time together and are looking forward to new impulses for their relationship.
  • who long for a new sensual experience, but have little time for each other in their daily lives and for whom courses lasting several days are not possible in terms of time.
  • who want to keep their relationship from becoming monotonous and want to take time for each other to draw new sources of strength and resources for their relationship.
  • who are just taking the first steps in their relationship and also those who have been together for many years.
  • who simply don’t know how to touch their partner better and want to explore new intimate touches.

What can you learn?

  • Tantric rituals.
  • The basics of Tantra.
  • Meeting each other in a new way and touching your partner in a mindful, loving and sensual way.
  • A simple tantric massage including yoni and lingam massage (and prostate massage if desired).
  • Openness to an extended experience with a third person.

What is there to consider?

Both partners should be open to and looking forward to this experience. If you are only engaging in this couple massage as a favour to your partner, this is not an ideal condition. If you want to give your partner a couple’s massage as a surprise, then you need to be sure that your partner is open to such an experience.

This is not a quick threesome erotic massage. For the giver, it is about the “how” of touch, about unintentional, meditative touch and empathy. For the receiver it is about relaxing and letting go completely. The energetic connection between the sex centre and the heart centre is built up and distributed throughout the body. In this way, the healing power of the holistic touch of body, mind and soul can be experienced. A very special experience.

Tantric massages are performed on a futon on the floor. If you are a little flexible and find it difficult to kneel for long periods of time, then giving the tantra massage can sometimes be strenuous. However, you can always take a break and stretch your legs while I continue to massage on my own.

If one of you has major (sexual) blockages, then it would be ideal to first treat yourself to a healing, individual tantra massage. Often people are more able to open up without the presence of their partner.

Do you have any questions? Are you curious? Then feel free to contact me.