Tantra massage for women and it’s benefits

yoni tantra massage

A tantra massage for women is a holistic, full-body experience of a therapeutic nature that can amplify and manage your sexual energy and consciousness. This massage uses various techniques which activate your sexual energy and can help you release blockages and traumas that can prevent you from experiencing deep sexual pleasure, multiple orgasms, energy control and female eyaculation. Through specific pressure points you can experience extraordinary spiritual and energetic effects.

This massage is performed with an attitude of unconditional love and devotion, honouring you and giving you the space to explore your sexuality and express your needs.

How are blockages manifested?

Blockages can have different origins such as traumatic childhood or adolescence memories, operations, (sexual) abuse, rape, toxic relationships, accumulated stress, etc.

These blocks can manifest themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and sexually. However, its origin is always energetic and it alters long before it manifests itself as something more tangible and concrete. These blocks can appear as common health problems, depression, excessive emotions, mental instability, lack of confidence, fear of intimacy, blockage in the heart, insensitivity, hypersensitivity or sexual difficulties such as:

  • Lack of desire
  • Lack of lubrication
  • Lack of orgasms
  • Frigidity
  • Vaginismus (partial and total closure of the vagina)
  • Feelings of guilt
  • Pain during intercourse (dyspareunia)
  • Heavy periods or menstrual cramps

Through a powerful activation of your energy, a tantric massage can remedy these blockages. It is the energy aspect that allows transformation at all levels.

The Yoni massage

In Tantra, the female sexual organs (vulva, vagina, uterus) are called Yoni, which means “sacred place or temple” in the neo-Tantric language. A tantra massage is a massage of the whole body, from head to toe, including the entire vulva and in case of sexual healing also the sacred point that is in the vagina.

This sacred place where life originates and emerges is a source of power, energy, pleasure and healing. It is a door and connection with the earth and the divine and at the same time the place where we archive emotions, stress and traumas.

The difference between a tantric massage and an erotic massage lies in that the erotic one is a sensual massage with a sexual and pleasurable purpose, while the tantric massage works on personal development, the expansion of consciousness and spirituality.

During the tantric massage, sexual energy is awakened throughout the nervous system, harmonizing the chakras and purifying the energy channels of your entire body. Its purpose is to connect sexuality with love, unlock the sacred point and ascend the Kundalini energy. Therefore, a tantric massage does not have the sexual purpose of satisfying a lascivious need.

It is not a chasing of an orgasm or a female ejaculation, however they are welcome. The genitals of women (and men) are powerful organs and reservoirs of energy. In these, stress, blockages, emotions and stagnant wounds also reside. Especially women tend to accumulate their blocks in their Yoni. Precisely for this reason, it is extremely important to include the genital organs in the massage. A gradual and harmonious release from blockages can be incredibly liberating and healing.

The Taoist Mantak Chia indicates in his book “Sexual Reflexology” that the sexual organs are the most important reflex points in the body and that, when properly stimulated, they can have a powerful healing effect on the senses and internal organs, providing health and well-being.

Unfortunately nowadays, the massage of the genitals is misinterpreted, either due to beliefs, misinformation or ignorance, forgetting that Tantra is a millennial liberation technique.

What happens during tantric massage?

A tantra massage session has a long duration of time to bring you to a state of mental and physical calm. In this process, the parasympathetic nervous system can be activated and can trigger healing effects. In addition, you will feel more open to receive and trust and security can be established which allows you to open up and release repressed blockages.

An essential ingredient of tantric massage is conscious breathing. Breathing anchors us to the body, helps to expand the energy that is mobilizing within us and rocks us like the waves of the sea, creating states of deep relaxation. It leads us to be fully present and aware.

Before starting the tantric massage, dressed in a sarong, we begin with a ritual of connection and worship that can include breathing exercises, movements, chanting of mantras, mudras or conscious caresses. You can also repeat the intentions expressed in a previous talk to express in a powerful way the desired results. After a while, I invite you to lie down naked on the futon and through massaging and applying pressure on key energy points you will achieve a state of relaxation and surrender. The massage begins first with the less intimate parts of the body, opening channels of energy and dispersing it throughout the body.

Before receiving the yoni massage, I ask your permission and at that moment, you can honestly feel and express if you feel comfortable and truly open to receiving it. You may need more time and preparation. Especially women with a history of sexual abuse may require additional sessions before receiving a yoni massage.

For the yoni massage, I first gently and extensively massage your groin, pubic area, and external genitalia, sending energy to this area. Before entering the interior of the Yoni to locate the sacred point, I ask your permission again.

Liberation and activation work is done inside the yoni, as it can be a insensible, painful or numb place for many women. The Yoni is mapped and scanned for points of pain and numbness. If painful blockages, emotions or memories arise, I help you to release them harmoniously. It is possible for a woman to experience great pleasure, a sexual awakening or an energetic full-body orgasm during the Yoni massage. There may be changes from pain to pleasure or vice versa. All healing results are valid and welcome.

The massage concludes with a final relaxation to integrate the activated energy and the thoughts and feelings which have come up during the session. The experience is different for each person, but overall, you feel energized, harmonized, and with an overall sense of deep well-being.

The effects and their benefits

With its focus on awakening and activating powerful energy through specialized touch, a tantra massage can bring you significant results and effects:

  • Relaxation, vitality and rejuvenation of the whole body.
  • Relief of blockages and resolution of sexual difficulties.
  • Healing of ailments.
  • Sensitizes the female genitalia.
  • Dispersion and control of energy throughout the being.
  • An increase in sexual awareness and orgasmic potential.
  • It establishes a communication path between the mind and the body.
  • Improves circulation and generates positive energy.
  • Release of powerful stored and stuck sexual energy.
  • Awakening of the heart.
  • Activation of all the chakras.
  • Balancing hypersensitivity and hyposensitivity problems.
  • Activation of the potential of the energetic orgasm experience of the whole body.
  • Amrita or female ejaculation

In short, it is a wonderful, inspiring and very beneficial experience.