Therapeutic Tantra Massage Mallorca

Are you looking for a professional and sensitive tantra massage near Palma de Mallorca?

A tantric massage / sexual healing is an incomparable experience. I invite you to experience this holistic ritual, a secure journey with all your senses, to feel how the touch of your skin reaches your soul.

In an oasis of calm, sensual devotion and very conscious breathing, the art of tantric touch can awaken your sexual energy, which can then expand throughout your whole body.

And what exactly is a tantric massage / tantric healing?

A tantric massage, not only relieves tension and blockages, but expands your own sensory world, we experience the unity between body and mind, celebrate and honor the body, heal old wounds and feel sensuality and the warmth of the heart. A tantric massage goes beyond eroticism and the goal is not to achieve an orgasm or an ejaculation.

Prior to an appointment, a conversation is always carried out in an introductory and clarifying way, as well as directly before the massage.

The tantric massage is an intimate full-body massage. If the person receiving so wishes, the tantric massage also includes the genitals, as well as the male or female sacred point. The name in sanskrit for the penis is “Lingam” which means rod of light and for the vagina it is “Yoni” which means sacred temple. Through the tantric massage the sexual energy (Kundalini) can be awakened to be distributed throughout parts or the whole body. This way the energy channels can be purified and the chakras balanced.

In an atmosphere of deep respect, complete attention, caution, respect and trust, the person who receives can open up, show their emotions, feel love and pleasure at the same time. When the energies of the two people flow and there is no pursuit of the goal of orgasm, the tantric massage leads to a high dimension of relaxation and becomes a meditation. This can lead to a very spiritual experience that develops sexual potential and contributes to well-being at all levels. Breathing has a very important role during the massage because it helps to be present, aware of the body and energy expands.

A Tantra Massage is something very sacred for me. If you are looking for a tantra massage purely for eroticism and sexual pleasure, I am not suitable for you. If you feel addressed by the following questions, then I am: 

Would you like to….

  • heal emotional blockages / wounds and connect with your inner strength?
  • expand your sensual and sexual experience beyond the instinctive impulse and the hectic pace of life?
  • deepen your self-knowledge?
  • improve your sexuality and your intimate relationships as you develop spiritually?
  • celebrate your sexuality and live fully and consciously?
  • discover how to use your sexual energy to release blockages and patterns?
  • solve pathological problems or difficulties with your sexuality?

Individual Tantra Massage for women
2,5 hours – 210€

In a relaxing and sensual atmosphere you can completely let yourself go and experience this profound massage. A journey to you, your femininity, your sensuality, which is completely attuned to your wishes and needs. Fears and insecurities, past experiences can be experienced, looked at and sometimes dissolved and understood in loving accompaniment. Loosening, relaxing and stimulating movements are performed in which the Kundalini (sexual energy) is stimulated and blockages are allowed to release in a safe, secure space. In the article “tantra massage for women” you can find more details about this massage.

Tantra Massage for conscious couples
5  hours – 350€

Would you both like to know how a tantra massage is performed, but instead of attending a group workshop, you prefer a private atmosphere? This can be a whole new and very enriching experience for a couple. We start the session with a joint ritual to create an intimate, spiritual and loving connection between us all. Afterwards it is usually the woman who receives first a massage from me and her partner and then it’s the man’s turn who will receive the massage from us two women.

Your partner and I will massage you from head to toe together. You will feel enveloped by waves of relaxation and love. And your partner has the opportunity to actively learn the tantra massage techniques. Together we will give your body and mind the loving and well deserved attention. Afterwards the roles will be changed.

In case only one of you would like to receive, you could choose a four hand massage of 3,5 hours (250€) either for you or your partner.

Here you can read up more about the tantra massage for couples.

In this article we answer the most frequently asked questions. If you have any doubts or would like to make an appointment, please get in touch.

Workshops & Retreats

Together with other women I do facilitate a retreat for women on the mainland. Here you can find more information on these events.

And what is actually Tantra and Neotantra?

The philosophy of Tantra comes from India and is approximately 5,000 years old. The Sanskrit term Tantra means expansion or totality. A human being is considered part of a great universe. A part of the unit in which nothing is rejected or marginalised.

It is about experiencing, accepting, loving, living in unity with oneself and unconditional love, in the here and now. Tantric exercises awaken the so-called original energy of Kundalini, which leads to greater awareness and spiritual experiences.

In Tantra there are many different teachings and schools that normally teach philosophy, body and energy work, rituals, yoga, meditation, yantras and mantras.

Many years ago, few people could enjoy learning the generally secret teachings of Tantra, since they were only transmitted orally from one generation to another. This changed in the 20th century thanks to teachers like Osho. In this generational transition was born what, at present, is known as Neo-Tantra. One could call it a fusion of ancient knowledge and modern techniques and ideas. Among other things, the Neo-Tantra teaches us sensual massages, healing and transforming sexual therapy, as well as the beauty of rituals (pujas). It is a spiritual sexual education. It is about recognizing the body as a temple of the soul, honoring our sexuality as a divine gift, opening the heart and feeling a deep love and ecstasy.


“The body can become a vehicle to that what is beyond body,
and sex energy can become a spiritual force.”