Yin-Yang Massage

“We need touch, but above all, we need a conscious touch,
a moment when someone connects skin to skin with us
and is aware that this is happening.”
(Mary O’Malley)

The term yin-yang comes from Chinese medicine and states that “all things in the universe are governed by opposing but interdependent forces” that create a balance. Yin represents the feminine, softer side, while Yang represents the masculine, more aggressive or assertive side, both of which are necessary for balancing and accelerating the healing process.

This energetic full-body massage, which takes place on a futon, combines Thai, Shiatsu, Lomi-Lomi, Tao, Tantra and Balinese massage techniques in the Yin-Yang style. Stroking, kneading and pressure techniques have the following effects:

  • the muscles are stimulated and stretched,
  • Meridians, lymph flow and circulation are stimulated,
  • tension is released,
  • blood circulation is stimulated,
  • the immune system is strengthened,
  • chakras are activated, stagnant energy is released and harmonised,
  • the metabolism is stimulated and toxins can be released,
  • Body and mind are both revitalised and calmed and find new harmony.

Slowness, presence, mastery and deep pressure, listening to the body and intuition offer a transformative, soothing and restorative experience.

With this combination of acupressure, massage and aromatherapy, I would love to pamper you with one of the most beautiful and relaxing treatments. Most people don’t take enough time for themselves anymore. It’s time you let yourself be pampered.

90 min – 80€


“Masseurs are like musicians who have studied the same notes, but create completely different music.
One will write jazz, the second classic, and the third will create something completely new.”
(Gabriel Ascul)